The Story is Your Brand

The lines between design, storytelling, and digital experiences are no longer distinct. How your story interacts within each, and melds with the others will help define the way people relate to your brand.

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The Peel

I recently watched this TED talk by Simon Sinek again. His talk focuses on how leaders and brands inspire people through the construct of building out three circles that from center to outer go – Why, How, What. The construct, however,  that many brands follow is......

So here we are, year 15+ of Morange Design, and what better way to celebrate a random anniversary than with the launch of a new website. Am I right? Well, there is a bit more to it. In fact, we are eating a bit of......

Most of us have been told stories our whole life, from the ‘big fish’ stories an uncle tells to the story of a place far, far away. But seldom do we sit back and talk about the impact of stories. Why? The primary reason is......

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